SOA Approved School Uniform Supplier

SOA Approved School Uniform Supplier      

Sew Aussie Uniforms is proud to be a preferred supplier of wholesale school uniforms to P&C or School run Uniform Shops with the Queensland Education Department on Standing Offer Arrangement DETE SOA 101124. The arrangement covers all state schools, private schools, Tafe as well as other government bodies.

Being an approved SOA supplier of school uniforms gives a great benefit to a School & P&C who are purchasing uniforms. Not only are there great cost savings available but the supplier also needs to meet strict KPI’s, offering high quality garments and excellent service.

Why should I use a supplier on the arrangement?

The Arrangement has been established after a competitive process of tendering where suppliers submit their best offers. Competitive pricing is a key criteria but DETE also takes into account quality, and a range of other benefits including:

All Suppliers comply with the Queensland Government Code of Practice on Employment Obligations for Textile Clothing and Footwear Supplies and the Fair Work Act

 Specific terms have been negotiated that protect the Customer, including:

a) Procedures for ensuring consistent quality of garments

b) Provision of a stockholding service (staggered delivery)

c) Extended payment termsUntitled-1

d) Established delivery timeframes

e) Identified freight charges

f) Procedures for fault rectification and dealing with complaints

h) Support to schools to manage stockholdings and stock turnover

 The Arrangement is actively contract managed. Supplier performance is monitored and issue/dispute resolution assistance is available if needed.


Sew Aussie Uniforms – SOA Approved Uniforms

Sew Aussie Uniforms is a Queensland based school uniform manufacturer. This means pricing is very competitive and the line of communication is clear as you are dealing direct with the manufacturer of your garments. Other key benefits for using Sew Aussie Uniforms include:

  • On Time Deliveries – Never a late delivery again
  • Over 20 years of experience in school uniform manufacturing
  • Our designers can create a design just for you or manufacture your existing uniform
  • Strong reputation of high quality uniforms
  • Stock Holding Facility
  • Your own personal account manager working with you every step of the way
  • Generous discounts available

If you would like more information or interested in speaking with one of our team to arrange pricing for your school please call us on 1300 985 235 or follow the link to leave us a message through our website

How to Care for your School Uniform

How to care for your School Uniform

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We all want the uniforms that we purchase to last as long as possible so how do we care for them and make them last longer?

Sew Aussie Uniforms is here to help with some simple advice on how you can care for your school uniform and ensure it lasts.

How to care for your School Uniform

Make sure that you read the care label first which will outline what the uniform is made of and how to care for it. On all Sew Aussie Uniforms the care instructions also include helpful washing hints.

Stains, The longer a stain is on the fabric, the more time it has to work itself into the fabric’s fibres. Immediately treat by placing the garment in cold water which will help dilute the stain which is often the best thing to do before you start treating the stain.

Drying, Try not to let washed garments sit in the washing machine for extended periods of time. It is best to hang out straight after the wash and to try and avoid direct sunlight as this can fade colours. In most cases you want to avoid using a clothes drier as this can cause shrinkage and you want the garments to have as much wear as possible. If you must use the clothes drier only use the cool setting.

Ironing, A logo or print can be affected by ironing. If there is a logo or print on your garment iron it before the first wash (except nylon garments) which will extend the life of the logo. For all nylon garments place a piece of fabric between the iron and the print.

We recommend using a warm iron setting – NEVER use hot iron settings as this can damage the garment which may cause pilling, shrinkage or alter the colour.

Other Helpful Hints Which Will keep your Sew Aussie School Uniforms looking Fantastic & Lasting Longer:

  • Follow the care instructions that is on the garment
  • When washing keep garments made of like fabrics & colours together
  • Garments should be washed before they are worn, this helps with comfort but more importantly colour fastness.
  • Pre-treat all stains before washing, without doing this stains may set in permanently
  • Do not bleach or soak garments, NapiSanPlus® is recommended to remove stains or colours that have run & to brighten whites.
  • Dissolve washing powder into water before adding garments – DO NOT put undiluted washing powder directly onto the garment as spot bleaching can occur
  • Never hang your garments out in direct sunlight.
  • Fasten all zips, buttons and studs prior to washing. This reduces the risk of damage or getting caught during the wash cycle.
  • When washing, use cold water gentle machine wash cycle
  • A simple trick to protect the colour of your garments is to always wash them inside out

If you would like more information or interested in speaking with one of our team to arrange pricing for your school please call us on 1300 985 235 or follow the link to leave us a message through our website





About our School Uniforms

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Header_Uniforms_V1Sew Aussie Uniforms is a preferred supplier of wholesale school uniforms to P&C or School run Uniform Shops on Standing Offer Arrangement DETESOA-101124.

For all your school uniform requirements Sew Aussie Uniforms is able to assist your school. We pride our business on quality garments whilst offering exceptional customer service.


Some key benefits we offer our customers are:

  • Discounts available
  • Online stock holding facility
  • Quality garments
  • Online ordering
  • No school too big, or too small
  • Your own account manager
  • Australian made and overseas production
  • Customer service
  • Preferred supplier with the department of education

We Supply:

  • Formal Blouses
  • Formal Shirts
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Polos
  • Formal Shorts
  • Formal Pants
  • Sports Shorts
  • Socks/tights
  • Hats
  • Blazers
  • Band Vests
  • Ties
  • Year Shirts And more

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