Our Products

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Comfortable, practical, durable, attractive and affordable. Our School uniforms will satisfy all your requirements.

Sew Aussie Uniforms in the past 12 months has invested significant capital in implementing a Quality System to meet ISO 9001 to ensure we meet our customers requirements every time.

In the last two years Sew Aussie Uniforms has enlarged its range of garments that cater specifically for Queensland hot climate.  We believe that we are now able to offer uniforms which take into consideration all the requirements of the Education Department’s policy on “Sun Safety Guidelines for Queensland Schools and Committees”.

Sew Aussie Uniforms understands that having the ability to supply schools with the total uniform package including every component from shirts, blouses, dresses through to hats, shoes, belts, socks etc, so we can offer you a total uniform package to suit your schools requirements on compulsory items to non-compulsory items.